Escort Setubal

Escort Setubal (Lisbon)


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Tourism, based on the beautiful existing natural conditions plus excellent hotels, resorts and infrastructures, is one of the city’s most appreciated resource. Due to its interconnection with the Sado (river) on one side and Atlantic Ocean on another, having a coast line with both. The city is also connected with the nearby coast of the Arrábida hills natural park. Which offers an unspoiled nature and beautiful beaches to the Atlantic Ocean. A dolphin colony inhabits the Sado River. Across the river on the south bank lies the peninsula of Tróia. A place with vast white/golden sand beaches where several luxury hotels and resorts were recently built. The Tróia peninsula can be sighted from the city, across the river. Albarquel, Figueirinha, Galápos, Galapinhos and Portinho da Arrábida are some of the city’s many beaches. Located in the north bank of the estuary, at the very beginning of the Arrábida hills.
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