Sugar Daddy, Sugar Babe.


The sugar daddy / sugar babe relationship seems like an oasis in the desert, a quick and efficient solution to a problem. It’s just that most of the time it’s just an illusion. We grew up with Disney tales where an enchanted prince saves us, but not all of us become helpless princesses, some of us are independent warriors and owners of our own destiny.

This is to say that, the myth of sugar daddy (being he the savior prince of modern times) is not something that attracts us all. But it might do to you. So this blog has the purpose of unmasking the unrealistic ideal of having a sugar daddy. Let’s lift a bit the veil and see, is not truly a sea of roses.

sugar daddy

Everyone likes to receive gifts of course. But in the end what is the real amount to pay for them if offered by a sugar daddy? Nothing comes for free. Now imagine you having the power (a.k.a. money) to buy the things you want, by yourself.

Also, we love the idea of a dinner offered in a good restaurant, of course. But you want to be seen in an IN restaurant by acquaintances having dinner with someone who clearly wasn’t your choice for company? Or do you think a Sugar daddy will be a young charming man? It won’t. If he looks amazing is most likely to be a scam, as you probably seen in The Tinder Swindler movie. It’s just a fantasy that a man is going to support a woman just because she’s beautiful. And what he will ask in return, besides encounters between four walls, you will be exposed, because they like to show off their trophy. So most likely to be discovered by your close ones.

In contrast to the life of a high class escort, you can choose to leave this side of your life far away fom the spotlight. The advertisements are made anonymously, só nobody know it’s you (on sites of sugar babes your face will be exposed for everyone to see). Wanna give it a try? We can help you making your own sugar !

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